Tapir-redoc annotations not working as expected

ok, not trying to cross build everything helps :slight_smile:
against each module/publishLocal I checked our big prj against current latest master ( master commit 4aec152ddf6, meaning everything 1.9.x too)
@adamw Unfortunately other than openApi 3.0.3 -> 3.1.0 the only changes were two fields that LOST their deprecation.
Which had gotten fixed by the 1.8.x-upgrade, but now they disappear. Could be unrelated to latest fix, as they were coproducts (sealed traits) and not optional.
Will check later if I can reproduce separately :thinking:

We’ve since done a 1.9.1 release so maybe you can simply test that :slight_smile:

If there are still some problems I’d need some code to reproduce

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