Async-http-client-backend-cats vs httpclient-backend

Last time I used sttp I used the async http client (netty): cats-effect backend — sttp 3 documentation. But now I see that the latest docs don’t mention this backend anymore, and refer only to the HttpClient backend: cats-effect backend — sttp 3 documentation.

Both artifacts are still being published though. Is there preference for people to use the HttpClient backend? Should the docs mention the AsyncHttpClient backend (or is that just legacy support now)?

I actually see here that the HttpClient backend doesn’t have the latest artifacts published: (only going up to 3.5.2). Where as the AsyncHttpBackendCats is up to date:

Ok i found this issue: 1571 async http client netty v4160final vulnerabilities by rafalambrozewicz · Pull Request #1589 · softwaremill/sttp · GitHub around why AHC was deprecated. Can you publish the latest artifacts for the HttpClient backend? Or is there a reason the artifacts weren’t published in 3.5.2+ versions?

The HttpClient backends are now part of core, cats, zio modules directly. See the appropriate docs page (e.g. Synchronous backends — sttp 3 documentation) for the dependency coordinates.

Moreover, AHC has been de-deprecated, as there’s now a new maintainer for the library.

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Oh thats great, thanks a lot Adam!