Does Tapir support matrix parameters like http4s' MatrixVar?

This one ?

There’s no support for matrix parameters at the moment. Could you tell us a little bit more about your use case? I can’t see a significant advantage of using them over query parameters.

I believe it could be used inside the URL instead of the end. Something like that:

query parameters:

matrix parameters:

Allowing to place all variable part of the request in one place

Looks like a neat improvement, but apparently is not widely supported among web servers. I think this makes it not very suitable for a general support in Tapir.

Just to add, I think it should be fairly easy to add support for matrix parametrs yourself. You can just map over a path input:

val myMatrixInput: EndpointInput[(String, Map[String, String])] =
  path[String]("matrixtest").map { v =>
    val components = v.split(";")
    (components.head, toMap(components.tail))
  } { case (name, values) =>