HttpClientZioBackend limit response body length

Hello, my team are developing with SttpClient for server.

We implemented the webhook send using SttpBackend[Task, ZioStreams with WebSockets]. By the way, we are concerned with the webhook can arise out of memory due to the huge size of webhook response body. I searched and found that the backend for akka http has akka.http.parsing.max-content-length. Does similar options for zio backend exist? Or, how can we limit the client response body size?

I assume you are using the HttpClientZioBackend as described here?

If so, it seems there’s no way provided by HttpClient to limit the body size. SO suggests stopping reading from the InputStream after reaching the limit. However, when integrating with ZIO, we use the reactive streams variant, so that would need some support on our side.

Can you add an issue, with a feature request? Thanks!