Is there a way to convert Full[_, _, _, _, _, _, cats.effect.IO] to Full[_, _, _, _, _, _, zio.UIO]?

I want to create a graphql endpoint using caliban:

It only works with zio but my project uses cats.
Is it possible without a full refactor of my endpoints?

I think that’s more of a caliban question - the document you linked seems to describe interop with cats-effect?

You could also in theory translate a ServerEndpoint[Any, IO] to ServerEndpoint[Any, ZIO], but it might be quite inefficient - as you’ll be using both the cats-effect & ZIO runtimes. You’d “just” need a function IO[T] => ZIO[T], and then you can create a zio-server-endpoint from an io-server-endpoint using ServerEndpoint.apply

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Yes, it describes how to interop Caliban with cats but it doesn’t work with tapir.
It looks like I will need to abstract the effect type all the way down.
Thanks for the response :slight_smile: