Planned release date for STTP 4

Hey, first of all - thank you for an amazing client! I’m wondering what’s the status of STTP 4 (apart from there being an Milestone 2 release) and when can a first stable release be expected?

That is a good question! :slight_smile: I know it’s taking a bit long, and I’d like to finalize the release as well, but on the other hand there are still some possible API improvements that we’re hoping to look at. Ultimately it’s a matter of dividing our OSS time between sttp, tapir, ox and a couple of other smaller projects. So I wouldn’t be brave enough to give and specific deadlines.

Btw. - while the API indeed might be considered “unstable”, in terms of code stability each release passes the full test suite, which is almost identical in v3 and v4.

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