Problem to initiate http4s

Why do I get this error ?

server[ERROR] [io-compute-12] INFO org.http4s.ember.server.EmberServerBuilderCompanionPlatform - Ember-Server service bound to address:
server Server started at http://localhost:8091  :. Press ENTER key to exit.
server[ERROR] 	at readLine @ manik1.manik1.WebServerSicap$.$anonfun$run$2(WebServer.scala:83)
server[ERROR] 	at map @ manik1.manik1.WebServerSicap$.$anonfun$run$2(WebServer.scala:83)
server[ERROR] 	at flatMap @ manik1.manik1.WebServerSicap$.$anonfun$run$1(WebServer.scala:82)
server[ERROR] 	at delay @ org.typelevel.log4cats.slf4j.internal.Slf4jLoggerInternal$Slf4jLogger.$anonfun$info$4(Slf4jLoggerInternal.scala:91)
server[ERROR] 	at delay @ org.typelevel.log4cats.slf4j.internal.Slf4jLoggerInternal$Slf4jLogger.isInfoEnabled(Slf4jLoggerInternal.scala:66)
server[ERROR] 	at ifM$extension @ org.typelevel.log4cats.slf4j.internal.Slf4jLoggerInternal$
server[ERROR] 	at use @ manik1.manik1.WebServerSicap$.run(WebServer.scala:80)
server ... finished with exit code 1

my init http4s

    def run(args: List[String]): IO[ExitCode] = {
                    .withHttpApp(Router("/" -> TapirRoutes.allRoutes ).orNotFound)
                    .use { server =>
                          for {
                                _ <- IO.println(s"Server started at http://localhost:8091  :. Press ENTER key to exit.")
                                _ <- IO.readLine
                          } yield ()

this line of code: WebServer.scala:83

is this code: _ <- IO.readLine

well, seems

it is not working fine with reStart from sbt-revolver

I run run and it is working fine