Tapir + zio-http is not showing the response in the logs

Hello there! I’ve noticed that some logs are missing when using tapir + zio-http. Given the following code:

case class Foo(bar: String, baz: Int)
object Foo:
  given JsonCodec[Foo] = DeriveJsonCodec.gen
  given Schema[Foo] = Schema.derived[Foo]

object TapirHttpServer extends ZIOAppDefault:
    val body: PublicEndpoint[Unit, Unit, List[Foo], Any] =

  val app: HttpApp[Any, Throwable] =
      body.zServerLogic(_ => ZIO.succeed(List(Foo("a", 1), Foo("b", 2), Foo("c", 3))))

  override def run =
    val logConfig =
      RequestHandlerMiddlewares.requestLogging(logRequestBody = true, logResponseBody = true)

      .serve(app.withDefaultErrorResponse @@ logConfig)

when hitting /body the logs show:

[info] timestamp=2023-07-13T13:43:17.990517Z level=INFO thread=#zio-fiber-41 message="Http request served" location=arara.webhooks.TapirHttpServer.run file=TapirHttpServer.scala line=34 method=GET url=/body status_code=200 request_size=0 duration_ms=210 request=

even though there’s a body, the response and response_body annotations are missing. Using only zio-http, the logs are:

[info] timestamp=2023-07-13T13:50:49.275528Z level=INFO thread=#zio-fiber-41 message="Http request served" location=arara.webhooks.ZioHttpServer.app file=ZioHttpServer.scala line=21 method=GET url=/body response_size=61 status_code=200 duration_ms=222 request= response=[{"bar":"a","baz":1},{"bar":"b","baz":2},{"bar":"c","baz":3}] request_size=0

I believe the way I customize the logs is correct, once the request works as expected. Is this a bug?

The discussion continues at https://github.com/softwaremill/tapir/issues/3034