Reusing common errorOutVariants

Is there a way I can define errorOutVariants in a single place that can be reused on multiple endpoints?

So I have for all my endpoints some kind of authorization error variant, bad requests, server errors that are in all of the endpoints. I also have a specific error out variant for each endpoints.

So I would like to be able to do something like this:

val commonVariants = List(oneOfVariant(BadRequestVariant),


Potentially even better is when I define my PartialServerEndpoint for authentication, since all my endpoints use that, be able to define that there.

I had tried making it so that securedEndpoint.errorOutVariants() had all my common error outs, but I got runtime errors about them not being defined when I called the endpoint.

I don’t think you can define variants in a List in a way that you can reuse them later. However, putting them directly in a base securedEndpoint should be good enough, you do it once anyway, right?
Something like:

val securedEndpoint = 
  // here go your base auth & header inputs

Now you can define a specialized endpoint:


The documentation mentions reusing error variants here: One-of variants — tapir 1.x documentation

Hey that works. I had been using the errorOutVariant in the securedendpoint and the server kept throwing errors. Thanks!

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